Wild Weddings

Weddings are made for love… and bloopers!

Our team pioneered the “caught-on-tape” genre with “Real TV” and we continue to bring our expertise to the successful “Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol” and “Wild Weddings”. Using our extensive domestic and worldwide connections, and with the help of our viewer submissions, we bring our audience the most outrageous, hilarious and heartfelt wedding moments all caught-on-tape.

Previous episodes have witnessed two daredevils getting hitched during a dangerous skydiving maneuver, lovebirds exchanging vows through hurricane force winds, an “Elvis” justice-of-the-peace marrying a couple on a speeding rollercoaster, and a brawl that ensues as the groom’s ex-girlfriend stands up and says “the bride’s got no morals… she’s nothing but a freak!” when the priest asks if anyone objects to the marriage.