Disorderly Conduct

“Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol” is a one-hour, pro-law enforcement, documentary style show that uses dashboard, surveillance and news footage to tell compelling stories about the unusual circumstances encountered by law enforcement officials in the line of duty.

  • Positive Awareness. As a pro-law enforcement show, we insist on showing officers in a favorable light. To do so, we have enlisted the help of law enforcement officers as consultants to ensure accuracy in our story-telling procedures.
  • Sponsorship. The Spike TV / Cheri Sundae team sponsored the 2006 5k Benefit Run for the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas and we will be the official sponsor of the 2007 Florida Law Enforcement PIO Association Conference.
  • Financial Contribution. All participating agencies will receive an honorarium for each clip that we use in the program. Our team is eager to support those charities and associations that give vital aid to the community.

We are supported by the following notable associations:

  • Ohio State Highway Patrol
  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Tampa Municipal Police Assoc.
  • Sheriff’s Assoc. of Texas
  • Florida Law Enforcement Public Information Officers Assoc.
  • Combined Law Enforcement Assoc. of Texas
  • Int’l Law Enforcement Educators Training Assoc.

Disorderly Conduct in the Press

Participating Law Enforcement Agencies

Disorderly Conduct: Video On Patrol would like to express our sincere gratitude to the over 175 law enforcement agencies from over 28 different US states who continue to place their confidence in us to tell their stories as caught on their cruiser’s dash camera.

Please contact our producers to see what agencies in your region that are regularly featured in our show and find out how your agency’s video can make it onto “Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol”.

Some of our participants include:

  • Arizona Highway Patrol
  • Broward CSO
  • Brevard CSO
  • Pinellas CSO
  • Tampa PD
  • West Palm Beach PD
  • Livonia PD
  • Michigan State Police
  • Las Vegas Metro PD
  • Nevada Highway Patrol
  • Ohio State Patrol
  • Houston PD
  • Tyler DPS
  • Utah Highway Patrol
  • Austin PD
  • Fort Worth Texas PD

Letters Of Endorsement